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Raising Resilient Children in a Technology-Driven World

By Sarah Norwood Do you truly understand “resiliency”? Maybe you know someone who is resilient. Maybe you’ve been complimented for your resilience. To be resilient means that someone has the ability to get back up after failure or disappointment. When hard things happen, they don’t lie down and take it – they stand up and...

How to Recognize Bullying and Help Your Child

By Damon Rennaker I really hate bullying. I hated it as a kid and now I hate it even more as a dad. As parents, we want to do everything we can to keep our children from going through the same thing. Maybe this is already a problem for your child. If it seems like something is going on at school, or your child seems more...

The Most Dangerous Apps of 2024

Setting boundaries, leading by example, and having open communication are the most important approaches to protecting your children from digital dangers.

Forget Your Looks: Teach Your Kids to Know Their True Value

By Caron C. Andrews and Amanda Grossman-Scott From the time they are little and before they can even speak, children are internalizing messages from TV, magazines, their favorite songs, and even at the mall - telling them what their bodies “need” to look like and how they “should” act. Pop culture is telling our daughters...

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Comprised of parents and professionals, the mission of Educate and Empower Kids (EEK) is to empower parents to create deep connection with their kids through media education, meaningful family communication, and intentional parenting. EEK works across the country to provide essential resources for parents, educators, and clinicians to teach children and teenagers how to become resilient and strong. We believe this must be done by teaching digital citizenship, media literacy, and healthy sexuality education—including education about the dangers of online p*rn.




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    30 Days of Sex Talks for Ages 8-11: Empowering Your Child with Knowledge of Sexual Intimacy 2nd Edition

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  • 30 Days of Sex Talks for Ages 12+: Empowering Your Child with Knowledge of Sexual Intimacy 2nd Edition

  • Conversations with My Kids: 30 Essential Family Discussions for the Digital Age


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