Are You Teaching Your Kids to ‘Break Up With Porn’?

Are You Teaching Your Kids to ‘Break Up With Porn’?

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Sometimes we put off or avoid important conversations because they are challenging, they are embarrassing, we have no idea where to begin, or we are scared we will screw it up. These are common concerns we have heard from countless parents in the past few years as our organization has grown. And it is the reason why we have made facing tough topics our number one priority.

Our latest book, How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography, makes it easy for any parent to start these “talks” with their kids.  Each section is simple and straightforward, full of helpful, insightful information, and finished with thought-provoking discussion questions.

Some of the topics included in the book are: Defining Pornography, Addiction, Media Literacy, Curiosity is Normal, Healthy Sexual Intimacy, and Creating a Home of Openness.

For younger kids, we have simpler, reassuring discussion questions such as:

“Why is it normal to be curious about sex?”

“What would you do if a friend showed you pornography?”

“Some people seek out pornography when tired, bored, lonely, sad or stressed out. What do you do when you have these types of feelings? How do you cope?

For richer, more mature discussions, we have included questions that address the hateful, misogynistic nature of pornography. For example:

“Why are racism and cultural stereotypes celebrated in pornography, when they are generally rejected in all other areas of pop culture?”

“What does it mean for us as a society that a majority of boys (and girls) are watching cruel, violent pornography as a means of sexual education?”

“Some experts (Dines, 2010) argue that porn hijacks our sexuality by relentlessly telling us what sex “ought” to be. Should a person create his own unique, healthy sexuality without influences from media or porn? Or does he need “help” from these outside influences?”

Now a major public health issue, pornography consumption among kids needs to be addressed by caring adults! How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography is the best resource available for parents and teachers to educate their kids about the dangers of porn, to prepare them for inevitable exposure to it, and to help them understand why it will be to their benefit to reject it.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon. It is also available in Spanish.

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