Social Media and Teens: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online

Social Media and Teens: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online


Whether your child is just starting to use social media or already has an account, this guide and social media contract is a phenomenal asset to setting standards of current and future social media use. Setting specific guidelines can protect your family from a lot of the distraction, negativity, and destructive media on the internet.

Signing a social media contract like the one included in this lesson or creating a social media account is not the end of the discussion. It’s just the beginning! Revisit the rules in this lesson and your children’s phone/screen usage at least three times per year.

Parenting with a Little Social Media Know-how Goes a Long Way!

Download the Guide Here!


Many of our EEK resources are meant to help you talk about social media, texting, sexting, and other concerns we have as we parent in the digital age. Even our books 30 Days of Sex Talks for Ages 8-11 and 12+ talk about social media and texting.

Looking for a great book to help you talk about how to read and understand images and media in our culture–especially social media?  Check out Petra’s Power to See: A Media Literacy Adventure. Geared toward kids ages 6-12, Petra and her dad travel through the city discussing media, media illusions, social media, healthy media, and much more!


For a great story about using tech for good, check out Noah’s New Phone.  Noah is a boy just like our kids who is on the giving and receiving end of some not-so-nice online behavior. See what he learns and how he decides to use the powerful tool in his hands. As with all of our books, it has a helpful workbook with helpful discussion questions and activities, and is available in paperback or Kindle!