Lesson: Talking To Kids About Gaming

Lesson:  Talking To Kids About Gaming


Gaming is a major part of our media culture and families need to understand the pros and cons of becoming consumers of this media. Children will be exposed to various forms of gaming from peers, family members as well as mainstream media. Parents need to understand and identify how they will address the issue.

Video games may have benefits such as creativity, problem solving, and cooperation in addition to negative effects such as addiction, hyperactivity, depression, and antisocial behaviors. Gaming can be a positive experience for families when everyone follows the rules that have been established.

It’s important for us to start talking before a child becomes too enthralled with particular games. This lesson is a great opportunity to educate yourself and your kids, as well as to have a great discussion about the positives and negatives of gaming.

Take the opportunity to listen to your kids! Understand why gaming is important to them.

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