Lesson: Teach Your Kids to R.U.N. from Pornography

Lesson: Teach Your Kids to R.U.N. from Pornography


Our kids are being exposed to pornography at younger and younger ages. Thanks to increased screen time, and the hypersexualized culture that is all around us. What they are being exposed to is more violent and perverse than ever before.


With this lesson you will:

*Help your child understand what pornography is and why it is dangerous.

*Teach your child the R-U-N acronym to help them develop a plan for when they see pornography.

*Encourage honest and open communication between you and your child about the importance of seeking help when they have seen pornography.

*Give you and your child a chance to role play different situations where they may be exposed to pornography, and to give them practice in reacting in challenging situations.


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