Media Literacy II: Teaching Kids How to Deconstruct Images

Media Literacy II: Teaching Kids How to Deconstruct Images


The media showcases advertisements and images that are beautiful, appealing, and inspiring. Behind each of these images is a message–sometimes deliberate, sometimes accidental. Media and social media messages can sometimes be positive while others are destructive.

It’s important kids understand how to read these messages and DECONSTRUCT them, so they can avoid the pitfalls of low self-worth when comparing themselves to false advertising and social media messages. We can also help our kids reject unrealistic expectations of products, people, and relationships and instead embrace the realities of life and the joys and sorrows of real people, real situations, and real results. 

Lesson Objective:

Teach your child how to deconstruct images and see the underlying messages each image has to share. It’s important to teach there are both positive and negative messages and share the aspects of photoshop and editing. If your child can learn how to deconstruct images, they will reach realistic goals rather than deceiving ones.

Download the Lesson Here!

Lots of great advertisements for you and your kids to discuss, plus tons of great discussion questions to help you make this lesson easy and meaningful.


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