Being Smart and Kind Online: A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

Being Smart and Kind Online: A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

Safety starts with understanding the risks and dangers around us. The internet offers a vast array of entertainment and information with the touch of a button. However, with this ease of access comes opportunities for misuse and abuse of personal information.

Parents may find themselves wondering how they can protect their children and provide a healthy environment for them to grow up in. 

The answer is simple. Learn, do, and teach. Parents should learn all they can about digital citizenship, internet usage, and safety. Then practice what they learn and teach their children to do the same.  

What’s Inside:

Be Informed: Understand the uses, the positives, and the dangers technology can bring. 

Be Responsible: A simple introduction on how to be a good digital citizen.

Be Healthy: Learn how technology impacts our minds and health. 

Be Safe: Find ways to protect yourself and your family while online.

Be United: Get together as a family and discuss how you can be safe. 

Be Smart: Understand how media affects us and learn the basics of media literacy.

Be Connected: Connect with Educate and Empower Kids to find out more information on being safe and smart online and find ways to connect more deeply with your kids

Glossary: Find definitions to terms about which you are unsure. 

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