Parents, Do You Know the Most Common Emojis Used in Sexting?

Parents, Do You Know the Most Common Emojis Used in Sexting?

By Kyle Roberts, MA

This is the 1st of four articles in our Parent Translation series. See part 2 for a list with definitions of the most common slang words used in texting. See part 3 for a list of porn specific terminology. And check back as we will be adding information on common text codes. 

It is no secret that texting is a part of most people’s everyday life. It’s the preferred method of communication for many, especially teens. Some argue that it has even contributed to the breakdown of interaction and to the acquisition of social skills.

Let’s start with a quick breakdown. Emojis are symbols, or ideograms, that depict an idea or object rather than using words when texting. They allow an individual to say something without actually having to say it. When we look at it that way, it’s no surprise that today we are seeing more and more people — especially young people — use emojis when sexting (sexually explicit messaging).  Emojis came on the scene around the year 2000 when users were able to download or copy various symbols from to use on their cell phones. Then as smartphones emerged, apps were available to download and add the symbols directly to the device’s keyboard. When the popularity for the applications soared, both Apple and Android made them part of the standard keyboards available on all devices. Below we have prepared a picture dictionary of the most common emojis used for sexting. Read on with caution as some of the images you are about to see might be offensive.

Finding something like this on your child’s phone or in their online messages can be shocking. For more great tips on how to handle these or situations like these, look into more of our informative articles here. We have also put together a book, 30 Days to a Stronger Child, that provides more information on this and other topics available on Amazon. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our resources page.



Most commonly used emojis for male and female respectively. The Peach can also be interchanged for a butt (homosexual). Important to take note with whom the exchange is taking place to determine what is what.

Other emojis used for Penis:

penis1 penis2 penis3

penis4 penis5 penis6

penis7  penis8

Other emojis used for Vagina:

vagina1 vagina2 vagina3


breasts1 breasts3 breasts4


Intercourse :


Most commonly used for intercourse. Also used for manual stimulation (female).

Other emojis used for intercourse :

intercourse2 intercourse3 intercourse4

intercourse5 intercourse6

Manual stimulation (male):


Oral sex:

oralsex1 oralsex2



69 sexual position


Often when chatting with a stranger, through an app or otherwise, this is used to verify the person’s age.


Orgasm, both for male and female interchangeably. Is also used to refer to vaginal secretions and semen.

other4 other5

Male orgasm

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