Empower Your Child Today Through Positive Self-Talk and Affirmations

By Emie Marulanda

Your children will struggle with their self-image at some time in their lives. They might feel unhappy with their body image or that they always have to live up to others expectations. to others or to what they see in the media. They might feel like their problems aren’t normal or that they are to blame for all their problems, like everything is their fault. They might have a hard time making friends or feel like they have no friends, i.e. no sense of belonging. They might feel the need for constant validation/approval or a need to prove that they are better than others. No matter what stage of life they are at, they will seek for a sense of belonging to family and peers. 

So, how do we address this?

You can by being specific in your praise. Compliment them! “, but on personality traits, on intelligence, kindness, work ethic, and so forth” (Parker, 2021). Be receptive to your child’s or teen’s interests. Inspire them to keep doing what they enjoy even if they struggle or make mistakes. Help them realize that attempting something is even more significant than really completing it. The most crucial of these is probably to !

Here is a helpful list of positive affirmations to share with your child:

  • I am liked and accepted.
  • I am capable of success. My capacity for success is limitless.
  • I deserve to be successful.
  • I am not responsible for others’ reactions, emotions, or actions.
  • I am not made to please other people. 
  • I will not let people take advantage of me.
  • I will not apologize for expressing my feelings. 
  • I give myself permission to let go of this I can’t control.
  • I am not afraid of what I want to accomplish today.
  • I am worthy of love, peace, happiness, and belonging.
  • I am loved. I am valued. People in my life value my presence.
  • I am proud of who I am becoming.
  • My problems are valid and normal. I accept my struggle and will get through it.
  • I am committed to my path, with or without others.
  • I am unique, powerful, and worthy.
  • I own my power and I take up the space I deserve.
  • It is my right to accept and believe in myself. 
  • I have the tools within me to get me through this.
  • I am healthy, fit, and full of self-confidence.
  • I like the way I look and I love the body that I was given.
  • I am important.
  • I fully accept myself and love myself deeply.
  • I am strong and resilient. I can handle difficult situations.
  • I am not controlled by the opinions of others. 

Parents, I implore you to print out these encouraging statements and place them somewhere you and your kids will frequently encounter them. 

You can print many copies and place them in various frequently visited locations. For my own benefit, I had it put on my office desk, where I often read them. It’s especially useful when I’m having a bad day or finding it difficult to stay motivated. When I remind myself to love and accept myself every day, I can clearly tell a change in my life. It gives you power! Give your kids the chance to regularly compliment themselves and speak positively to themselves as a favor. It will lead to them having a higher sense of self and more self-confidence.

For amazing activities and discussions about positive self-talk, check out our book 30 Days to A Stronger Child. Ready to chat with your kids about healthy body image? Check out our books: Messages About Me: Sydney’s Story, A Girl’s Journey to Healthy Body Image and Message About Me: Wade’s Story, A Boy’s Quest To Healthy Body Image for a great story, discussion questions, and activities to build up your child while you journey to build yourself up as well.

All of our books are available on our website and Amazon.

Emie Marulanda is  currently a student at Brigham Young University-Idaho pursuing her Marriage and Family Studies degree. She is passionate about empowering parents to empower their kids for a bright, healthy future. 


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