For Parents: How to Have A Family Council

For Parents: How to Have A Family Council


Finding time to spend together as a family can be a difficult task, especially as your kids get older. But it is important to be able to spend some quality time each week or twice a month talking with each other, creating deeper relationships and bonds, and working to problem solve–a monthly or weekly family council is a great solution. The family unit can strengthen each of its members to be able to withstand the problems that occur within everyday life.

A family council is when all members of a family gather together to problem solve. This is not a time to make a checklist of chores but instead a meeting to produce ideas and garner familial responsibility. It is at time where all members can freely share thoughts without discouragement or disagreement and work together to solve a problem that is affecting the whole unit.

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These gatherings are not a one time thing. Creating a habit of open family communication will allow you to grow close together and will lead to other valuable insights and conversations.  This is also a great time to make plans as a unit to do something fun together like a family trip. very member can help with this endeavor by budgeting and contributing ideas.

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