Lesson: Kindness: Online, Face to Face, and Everywhere

Lesson: Kindness: Online, Face to Face, and Everywhere


Kindness is an attribute that we can each develop further! Children need parents to help them understand that kindness is not just a quality to have with their friends or family, but at all times. This includes being authentic in all contexts, including social media, email, texts and other interactions.

Kindness is an action that is motivated from feelings of empathy and compassion. Today’s culture teaches children that being overly critical of others is a positive thing. Websites dedicated to “shaming” others (i.e. People of Walmart, Lamebook, Awkward Family Photos, Youidiot.org, etc.) number in the hundreds, if not thousands, and some celebrities, like Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin, have even become famous simply because of their public criticisms.


  • Define kindness (see glossary) for your child and give some of your favorite examples.
  • Help children understand the need for kindness.
  • Discuss how kindness is more than just a feeling: it includes our thoughts, actions, and words.
  • Discuss how we need to be kind to others in person and online.
  • Discuss how bullying is never acceptable.

Discuss how empathy can help us to choose to be kind to others…

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