Lesson: Managing Big Emotions Through Self-Regulation

This is a great lesson to teach your child how to handle having BIG EMOTIONS.  

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by an emotion that it consumes your whole energy? You couldn’t take your focus off of it, problem-solving seemed impossible, and even simple, everyday tasks take on a heavier weight? 

If we suffer these impacts as adults, big emotions can be even more crippling for children and teens. In this digital age, kids are constantly exposed to violence in the subtlest ways through media such as cartoons and video games where hitting, attacking, and acts of aggression seem humorous, acceptable, and even rewarding.

Take the time to discuss with your kids the differences between what media and pop culture show versus healthier alternatives of dealing with anger, sadness, frustration, and fear.

• Help your child learn self-regulation tools so they can process big emotions.

• Help your child apply self-regulation tools instead of ignoring feelings that can come from bottling them up.

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