Lesson: Teaching our Kids Smart Clothing Choices and Modesty

Dignity refers to the quality of being worthy for honor and respect. It’s also about our appearance, our intentions, our personal responsibility, and ultimately the extent to which we respect and represent ourselves. In regard to this lesson, we’re going to focus on clothing choices that help us have self-respect and feel comfortable and confident.

In the old days people called this “modesty” but we feel this term does not apply to kids now. It implies that a kid’s voice and clothing choices should be quiet and subdued. Instead, we want to focus on making smart, context-appropriate clothing choices that will empower them through a combination of self-respect and self-confidence.

Many families have different perspectives of what dignity is and isn’t. Some look at short-shorts and think “My child is never going to wear that!”, while other parents are just fine with the trend. The purpose of this lesson is to make sure your child understands how to make clothing choices that are appropriate for different occasions and to help them learn to respect their body and protect it.

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Check out our book, , A Girl’s Journey to Healthy Body Image. Also, for boys, , A Boy’s Quest for Healthy Body Image. Both of these books discuss the messages kids get from media, friends, and other sources that can often affect body image. They also help kids recognize where we can find true self-worth and to see their bodies for the amazing instruments that they are.  

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