Lesson: Think Before You Speak, Post or Hit Send

Lesson: Think Before You Speak, Post or Hit Send


The words we choose to speak or post online have the power to build others up or tear them down. They can impact the way others view us and our interpersonal relationships at school, work, and home. When we speak before thinking or post something inappropriate online, it can have lasting consequences on our reputations and affect the reputations of others.

Our words and posts create either positive or negative ripples, or small waves of change. They can influence others’ perceptions, our own thinking, and the future course of our lives. Once we say something, it can be very hard to take it back; when we post something online, it is permanent. All of the comments we leave on social media, apps, texts, and emails are part of what is called our digital footprint and contribute to the portrait of who we are online.


This lesson is full of great discussion points, thought-provoking questions for younger and older kids, as well as activities to help our kids realize that their words have a huge impact on those around them!

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