Lesson: Uplifting Others Online and Everywhere

Speech, media, and famous characters are frequently negative or critical of themselves and others. In this digital age, it’s all too easy to be rude, negative, and/or fake online. Unfortunately, this bleeds into our real-life interactions. It’s easy to be fake and to hide behind a facade, or to mimic the harsh interactions portrayed in media. We don’t always know what other people are going through; we should strive to make their lives easier rather than more difficult. We can do that through honest and sincere compliments.

The objectives of this lesson are:

  • Discuss why compliments and other sincere, positive speech, online and face-to-face, are important.
  • Discuss the differences between what media and pop culture say or do versus what actually makes people feel good about themselves.
  • Help your child understand that every text, email, post, or message can affect others in positive or negative ways.

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