Kids and Pornography: A Public Health Crisis



In our technology-driven era, we must understand the dangers of online pornography and its affect on children. This booklet is a brief introduction to this issue and focuses on educating parents and leaders about this issue.

Topics include:

  • Pornography is very different today: it is incredibly violent, often disturbingly misogynistic, and, with its massive online presence, far too accessible.
  • ALL of our children will see porn, so it is critical that we talk to them before they are exposed.
  • Porn is a sophisticated industry: our children are highly susceptible to its targeted efforts.
  • The developing brains of children are not equipped to process the violent, body-punishing, woman-hating porn available online.
  • Pornography is highly addictive and alters one’s perceptions and beliefs about sex and relationships.


This 10 page booklet, which addresses the above information as well as positive ways for parents, caregivers and leaders to approach the topic, is available for purchase in bulk orders of 20 or more. Email us at for information about ordering this resource.