The RUN Plan for Kids

The RUN Plan for Kids

Does your child know what to do when they are exposed to porn or hyper-sexualized media?

Explain to your child what pornography is. Help your child know where are some places she is most likely to be exposed: the bus, doing homework online, at a friend’s house, etc. Then talk about ways to get away from negative, violent or sexual imagery.

Your child should understand that he can tell you about what he saw so that the two of you can discuss it and dissect the image. If you can help your child break down the image, his fear will be lessened and his understanding increased. He will be better able to understand that porn is a counterfeit, hateful depiction of sex.

Discuss ways to avoid pornography and never seek it out.

For more ideas on how to start talking with your kids about pornography check out our book How to Talk to Your Kids about Pornography. There are simple discussions and a RUN plan for younger kids and thought provoking discussions and ideas for older kids.

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