Lesson: Talking to Your Kids About Consent

Lesson: Talking to Your Kids About Consent


It is absolutely imperative that your teen knows what it means to give consent. They need to know that if any attention is unwanted, it needs to stop. Teaching this lesson to your child will not only empower them with confidence, but also make them aware of and help protect them from sexual predators.

Emphasize that your children should be treated with respect and dignity everywhere.


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Looking for a super simple resource to guide you as you talk about consent, healthy sexuality, sexual identification, emotional intimacy, and other essential topics? Check out 30 Days of Sex Talks for ages 12+! Also available for ages 3-7 and 8-11. 

How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography is also a great book to help you talk about the dangers of pornography. Talking about tough topics has never been so easy.