Lesson: Teaching Your Kids Healthy Boundaries

Lesson: Teaching Your Kids Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are an important part of any healthy relationship. That is why it is imperative that parents teach their children what boundaries are and how to create healthy boundaries for themselves. Boundaries can be defined as the space between you and another person, and the unspoken rules of how you will treat someone and how you expect to be treated.

When healthy boundaries are not established, the relationship, as well as those involved, suffer. Boundaries help us to communicate respect and love by allowing us to express ourselves; our wants, desires, beliefs, likes, and dislikes. Sharing these things with those we care about helps create mural respect within the relationship and allows space for growth.

The objectives of this lesson are:

  • Teach children and teens what boundaries are, how to create healthy personal boundaries, and how to label and define behaviors that make them uncomfortable.
  • Help kids to understand the importance of trusting their gut; if a situation does not feel right to them, let them know they should trust their instinct.
  • Teach your child what they can do when boundaries are crossed and who they can go to for help.
  • Help kids make the connection that boundaries go both ways; how we want to be treated is how we should treat others

It is important to help your child understand that all relationships should have healthy boundaries. Remind them that this includes their relationships with their family, friends, and associations.

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