A Lesson About Healthy Body Image

A Lesson About Healthy Body Image

Developing a healthy body image improves self worth, which makes for a healthier overall child.

Most children start off life with no preconceived notions about their own bodies. They think of their bodies only when they wonder if they can do a cartwheel, climb the monkey bars, go to the bathroom alone or feel hungry. They think of their body in terms of what it can help them physically do. But as they grow, kids are bombarded by images in the media and others’ ideas about what the body should look like. At some point, (generally around age 8) they begin to question whether or not they have the “right body”. Talking about positive body image from an early age is a necessity.

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Looking for a great book to talk with your son or your daughter about healthy body image?

Check out Messages About Me: Sydney’s Story, A Girl’s Journey to Healthy Body Image and Messages About Me: Wade’s Story, A Boy’s Quest for Healthy Body Image.