Translating Slang for Parents

Translating Slang for Parents

By Kyle Roberts, MA

This is the 2nd of four articles in our Parent Translation series. See part 1 for a list of the most common emojis used in sexting.  See part 3 for a list of porn specific terminology. And check back as we will be adding information on common text codes. 

It can be hard for kids to navigate life in the world today; being the parent of that kid can be even more difficult.  We have to be everything, know everything, and do everything. Where can we go for this information? How can we stay up to date? Some days it even feels like we are speaking different languages. At Educate and Empower Kids we hope to do all we can to make the greatest job in the world just a little bit easier. We put together this parent dictionary to help you as you strive to be more connected and aware of the world in which your children are growing up.

This second article in our Parent Translation series is a list of slang definitions. These are words you might be hearing around your house, seeing in your kid’s texts, or watching scroll past you on your social media feed, but you aren’t quite sure what they mean. Below is a list of those terms along with their definition.

Postboned— when a person is running late due to an unexpected sexual encounter

Sidechick— the other woman or mistress

Snatchchat– when a girl sends a naked photo of herself to someone she likes on Snapchat

Pods— the small container used for e-liquid for your Juul (vape)

Clouds- The vapor from your vape

Savage — used to describe a person with no filter or to do/say something with no fear

Woke— to be fully aware of current events and social issues

Slipping— To gang up on someone

Geekin’–Trippin’ on drugs

Sic- – something that is cool

Sick, Sickening– amazing, great

YOLO — you only live once

Noob— a person who is inexperienced in a particular activity

Tap that/Hit that/Bang— To have sex with

Bruh- A casual nickname for “bro”

Fam– Casual nickname for friend or family member

Curve–To reject someone romantically

Gucci–Something is good or cool

GOAT–Acronym for “Greatest of all time!”

I’m weak–Short for “That was funny!”

Hundo P–Short for 100% sure or certain

Low Key–A warning that what they’re saying isn’t something they want everyone to know

Skurt–To go away or leave

Straight fire–Something is hot or trendy

Sip tea–To mind your own business (spill tea is to gossip or share Juicy details about someone)

Down in the DM–Short for plans in their social media or texts for an oncoming sexual hook-up

Smash–To have casual sex

Tossing Salad– Anal oral sex

Netflix and chill-Euphemism for casual hook up. Going over to a friend’s house, watching Netflix, and having sex.“Do you want to come over and Netflix and chill?”

Cheater App-An app used to cheat on a significant other. Examples include Tinder, Tyger Text, and Snapchat to name a few. There are even a few articles encouraging their use.

NSFW-Not Safe for Work. Usually used for posts that contain nudity, language, or other things you wouldn’t want someone at work to see if they saw your computer screen.“This article is NSFW.”

Turnt-When referring to people, this word usually means they are inebriated in some way, or they are just hyped up. When referring to an event, it means the event is fun, people are probably inebriated, and everyone is having a good time.

Lit-intoxicated or high, regardless of the substance being used.  “She’s so lit she can’t even walk.”

FOMO-Fear of Missing Out. “When I heard I had to work during the party next week, I had serious FOMO.”

No chill-Not very responsible, doing something without thinking. Reckless. “Pedro was driving crazy last night; bruh has absolutely no chill.”

Squad-A group of friends or a clique. “Me and my squad are tight.”

AF-Short for the term “As Fu*K.” “That pic was crazy AF.” “That movie was scary AF.”

Ship-Supporting a specific romantic union. Short for relationship. “I’d ship Ron and Hermione.”

YAS or Yaaaas-Something to express high levels of approval. “Did you love last night’s episode?” “Yaaaaaas!”

Shade-Casual, underhanded insult. “Nikki threw major shade at Miley.”

Basic-An adjective used to describe any person, place, or activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, or action. “Sandra is so basic.”

Hella-Used to replace ‘very’ or ‘really.’ “That new movie was hella good.”

Bae-Stands for Before Anything Else. Used as a term of endearment for a significant other, similar to baby, sweetie, or honey. “My bae treats me so good.”

On Fleek-On point, sharp, near perfection. “Man, my hair is on fleek today.”

Slay-To accomplish something, succeed, or do really well. “Dude, I slayed in the game last night.”

Thirsty-Desperate. Anxious to get something, especially physical affection or sex, but can apply to other things. “These pics make me so thirsty.”

Spank Bank-Referring to memories of pornography, sexts, or other sexually stimulating material to be used for masturbation.

Obvi-Short for obviously. “My crush doesn’t know I exist.” “Obvi.”

Fam-Super close friends. “I know he has my back; we fam.”

Woke-Being aware, up to date on current affairs. “He is woke to the racial issues going on.”

Mansplaning-A man explains something to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing. “My boss mansplained football to me.”

Manspreading-The act of a man spreading his legs when sitting on public transportation or in other public areas. “We were on the bus, and I couldn’t sit down because he was manspreading.”

Dad bod-Middle-aged man, typically one with children, who was once in shape and is no longer. Typically characterized by a beer belly. “Check out that celebrity’s dad bod.”

Clutch-Just right for the moment. Could replace just what I wanted. Also the ability to perform under pressure. “This gift is so clutch. Thank you!” “Lebron has to be clutch to win this game.”

Feels-Used to describe emotions that cannot adequately be described with words. “This post gives me so many feels.”

Janky-Objects that are old or out of date or style. “My shoes are so janky.”

Salty-Upset or angry. “He has been acting salty since she broke up with him.”

Clap back-Same as come back, to return an insult. Yo, did you hear Miley’s clap back after Nikki burned her!?”

Thot-That Hoe Over There. “Check out the thot.” “This room is full of thotties.”

HOT PIC- Hot Pictures as in sexy or naked
Drug Related-

  Good Kush–the good weed/ the good drugs

  Blow— Cocaine

  Pearls— A nicely rolled blunt

  Bud— Marijuana

  Speed, crank, uppers ,Crystal or Tina— Meth

  Tree— Marijuana (i.e., Looking for tree, got any? )

  Dabbing— Concentrated doses of marijuana (began as a dance craze)

  420— Marijuana or let’s get high

  DOC-– Drug of choice

  Yayo— Cocaine

  Baseball— Crack Cocaine

  Skrill— Money

  CID— Acid

  E— Ecstasy – “X” is another one for this

  Hazel— Heroin

Communication Tips

If you have been having some experiences with your children using some of these terms, not to worry. We have a few ideas on how address it.

  1. If you are hearing or seeing a word for the first time and it’s one you aren’t familiar with, come to our list and get educated. We live in a world where the media glorifies sex, drug use, and other behaviors we don’t want to find in our home; the days of turning a blind eye are over.
  2. Stay calm. Take a deep breath. Acting from emotion is never a good idea. Allow yourself time to reach a place where you can address the topic without losing your cool.
  3. Contemplate all the factors. Ask yourself, has my child been acting differently lately? Texting more? Speaking disrespectfully or pushing boundaries?
  4. Determine if the behavior or usage of the language is something that is permissible in your home culture. Assimilate these definitions with your personal morals and ideas. Some of the words could be considered harmless, but it depends on your personal family needs.
  5. Formulate a plan, speak with your co-parent, if possible, and create a plan to address it with your child.

For more great tips on how to handle these or situations like these, look into more of our informative articles here. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our resources page.

Curious to learn more? Check out our books, 30 Days of Sex Talks; How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography, which is also available in Spanish; and 30 Days to a Stronger Child.

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Kyle Roberts has over 10 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations. She received her masters degree in community counseling from the University of Texas At San Antonio with an emphasis in addiction recovery. When she isn’t wrestling with her little boy, she can be found teaching developmental psychology at BYU-Idaho or working on some DIY projects. 

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